Size Guide

How do I figure out which length of Cablz Zipz to buy?

Most of our customers who are average stature/head size buy our 12” Zipz.  Our 10” Zipz are great for kids or adults who have a smaller head size and want a tighter fit.  Our 14” Zipz are perfect for people who have a larger head size or want to wear them looser.

Still not sure what size you need? Check out our store locator to find a store near you where you can try on the Cablz Tester to see which size fits best. (NOTE: due to the Covid pandemic, some stores may have chosen to remove their tester glasses temporarily.  Please call the store to confirm that the tester is available to try before you go) 

I love Cablz and want to order more; how do I know which size of Cablz I already have?

Cablz Zipz are measured by fully extending them and measuring only the length of the actual cable, NOT including the rubber ends.  

12-12.5" wire, buy a 14" Cablz Zipz

10-10.5" wire, buy a 12" Cablz Zipz 

8-8.5" wire, buy a 10" Cablz Zipz

Cablz Adjustable Silicone and Cablz Flyz only come in one length.

How do you know which end size will fit your glasses?

Our universal ends fit most glasses on the market today.  

Take a look at the image below for examples of how our universal ends fit onto various sizes of glasses.

If the temple ends (arm ends) of your glasses are from 5-15mm, buy the Universal Ends.  If they are smaller (3-5mm), your will need the Skinnyz, if they are larger (16mm+), you will need the XL ends. Please note: Skinnyz ends will NOT fit on thin wire temples (arms).