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Cablz Stories

This is a page where I plan on adding some of the great stories that our customers have told us about their Cablz.

This is a recent story from a customer named Jeff:

Hey there,
We met on the last day the the Toronto adventure show, there were 3 of us from southwestern Ontario . We were giving you some locations to place your product... anyway hope you can recall us.

You were adamant that these are the best thing to keep your glasses on your head.

Well , you were so right!

We were doing a kayak instructors course two weeks ago and learning how to do the hand of God rescue. Basically, the kayak is flipped upside down and someone cannot get out of the kayak so you paddle over , reach over the kayak under the water grab the life jacket by the shoulder strap and pull them toward you.
So, when it was my turn to be the victim my rescue were grabbed my sunglasses and not the strap! He then proceeded to pull me out of the water by my sunglasses with the CABLZ attached to my glasses . Your product didn’t break or fail to keep the glasses on my face. In fact my rescuer actually got my out of the water until the glasses snapped and fell to the bottom on the lake CABLZ still attached.

Anyhow...your weren’t kidding around when you said they won’t come off your head.