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Cablz Canada - Defend Your Eyewear

Cablz Eyewear Retainers are waterproof, lightweight, low-profile eyewear retainers.

Whether you are walking, running, hiking, biking, swimming, kayaking, boating, fishing, bike riding, playing sports, gardening, working or doing any activity that requires glasses, Cablz Canada has a solution to keep your glasses securely on your head, where they belong. 

Cablz Silicone are now ADJUSTABLE!

Cablz adjustable silicone

Cablz Zipz Stainless Steel and Cablz Zipz Monoz


Cablz Zipz for Kids

Cablz Zipz 10" length is a great choice for Kids.  Kids are very active and more prone to having their glasses fall off and scratching lenses.  Cablz Zipz are comfortable for kids while preventing glasses from falling off; if they are comfortable, kids will actually wear them!

Cablz Flyz

Cablz Flyz

Cablz Flyz are soft, flexible, incredibly light-weight and very thin.  They are made of fly fishing-like line for strength and flexibility.  Cablz Flyz come with our universal ends. They are 22" long and can easily be shortened to whatever length you need.

Never drop, lose or break your glasses again

Use Cablz to defend all of your eyewear.  Whether you are using sunglasses, reading glasses, safety glasses or just your regular glasses, Cablz Canada has a product to keep them secure and safe.


Buy 3, Get 1 FREE!

Buy any 3 Cablz Eyewear Retainers, Get 1 FREE!

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I Love my Cablz Zipz! I wear them all day, every day to stop my glasses from sliding down my nose. They are so comfortable that I never have to take them off.   


Cablz Flyz are great.  I use them on my reading glasses.  I used to lose my readers all the time because I would take them off and forgot where I put them.  Now, when I take off my readers, I just leave them hanging around my neck and I never lose them.  I used to have to buy readers in bulk so that I had them all around my home and work.  I don't have to waste money on all those cheap readers. With Cablz I can have good quality, stylish readers without fear of losing expensive glasses.


My name is Peter and I work for a Hydro Company.  I am a linesman so I have to work up in the bucket of the cherry picker.  I have to wear my safety glasses and I use Cablz Zipz in the monofilament material so that I don't have to worry about electric shock.  They are comfortable, they fit under my hard hat and they don't get sweaty.  I will never work without my Cablz on my safety glasses.


Don't be fooled by imitators

Make sure you are buying GENUINE Cablz

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness. - Oscar Wilde

So we should be flattered because there are so many imitators who have tried to create an eyewear retainer to compete with our amazing Cablz.  

DON'T BE FOOLED, these imitations can look very similar to Genuine Cablz but they are definitely not.  They are made with inferior materials and will not last. 

Rest assured that you are buying genuine Cablz when you buy from Cablz Canada - Defend Your Eyewear. 

Cablz Eyewear Retainers

Out with the old, in with Cablz!

Why are you still wearing one of these?

Are you still wearing one of those old, ugly, smelly, dirty eyeglass straps?

It's time for an upgrade to Cablz Adjustable Eyewear Retainers.