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Welcome to Cablz Canada Official Website

Hi everyone and welcome to Cablz Canada Official Website.

We are thrilled to launch new our website and domain 

For those of you who don’t already know us, Cablz is the best eyewear retainer on the market.

We have many options to fit almost any glasses. 

Our most popular product is our Cablz Zipz adjustable. Zipz come in three lengths;

- 10” for kids and adults with a small head size, who are looking for a snug fit

- 12” for average head size (this is our most popular size)

- 14” for larger heads or people who want to have their glasses hang longer around their neck. 

Zipz are available in two different materials; surgical grade, coated stainless steel cable or monofilament (which is essentially tennis racquet string). Both materials are equally strong, lightweight and waterproof. Our monofilament was designed for use in the safety industry because it is non-conductive. We also love it because it gives us some cool colour options.

The ends of all Cablz eyewear retainers are a high-grade silicone. 


Cablz have many advantages over our competitors products.

- Cablz Zipz & Cablz Silicone are adjustable, light-weight, waterproof, low-profile, comfortable and most importantly, they look & feel good! Cablz Flyz have all the same advantages as our Zipz & Silicone except for being non-adjustable.

- Our competitors products are mostly made of fabric, rope or neoprene which get dirty, smelly, wet, stretched out, faded, frayed and quite frankly, they look ridiculous. They are also bulky, cumbersome to use, hang down the back of your neck and the ends often slip right off your glasses when you need them most. 

- Why would you wear an ugly, bulky & gross eyewear retainer when you can wear Cablz?



- lightweight (You don’t even feel it when you are wearing it: If you don’t feel it, you will actually wear it)

- waterproof (They don’t absorb water, sweat, body oils or dirt)

- low-profile (They fit under hats, helmets, hard hats, hoodies)

- easy to adjust (They can be worn hanging around the neck, or zipped to your head for a secure fit)

- easy to clean (A tiny bit of soap and water to clean the Cablz, let them air dry. A tiny bit of hand sanitizer in the silicone ends to remove any oils from you hair and scalp from inside)

Cablz are inexpensive INSURANCE for your glasses.